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Infant & Toddler Bedding

MK7 Crib Canopy (White Truck Body w/Blue Check Ruffle)

MK64 Musical Mobile w/ Balloon Motif (Blue Truck Canopy w/White Truck Balloons)

MK20 3 pc. Port A Crib Set (Quilt, Solid 176 Royal Blue Sheet, Bumper)

MK19 3 pc. Cradle Set (Quilt, Solid 176 Royal Blue, Bumper)

28-5 Resin Front Loader Lamp w/Printed Shade (sold in pairs only)

MK63 Bunky Sheet Set (Fitted/Flat Solid 176 Royal Blue & Standard Blue Truck Pillow Case)

MK15 Crib Bunky Fitted 2 Corner (appropriate for Toddler Bed) (BlueTruck Rev to White)

MK1 Crib Quilt approx. 41x51(As Pictured) (White Truck Rev. to Blue Truck w/Blue Check Edge)

MK10 Diaper Stacker (White Truck w/Blue Check Flat Edge)

MK50 Wooden 2 Peg Book Shelf (approx 20 x 7 x 5.5) (Same as Truckin & Toytown)

MK6 Crib Gathered Dust Ruffle (Styled Like Twin Dust Ruffle) (Blue Check)

MK5 Regular Bumper (4 Sided Bumper) (White Truck Reverse to Blue Check w/Blue Check Flat Edge)

MK4 Hollywood Bumper (As Pictured) (Sides Reverse To Blue Check)

MK3T Crib Print Top Sheet (Blue Check)

MK3 Crib Print Fitted Sheet (Blue Check)

MK2 Crib Pillow 12x16 (As Pictured) (White Truck w/Blue Check Edge)

MKSB Summer Blanket 44x54 (White Truck Print Front w/White Flannel Back)

MK13 Balloon Wall Hanging (Set of 6 Print Balloons) (White & Blue Truck)

MKYRD Yardage 54" Specify (White Truck, Blue Truck, or Blue Check)

MKRUG 39X58 Sculpted Nylon Rug - (Fire Truck)

MK55 Book Ends (pair) (Wheels) (Same as Truckin & Toytown)

Adult Bedding

MK39 Camelback Canopy w/Gathered Drop (White Truck w/Check Ruffle)

MK38 Daybed Gathered Dust Ruffle (Check) 13.5 unless otherwise specified

MK37 Gathered Dust Ruffle (As Pictured) (Blue Check) 13.5 Drop

MK36 3 pc. Print Sheet Set (Blue)(full & queen include 2 std. cases)

top sheet & std. pillow case (full & queen include 2 std. cases)

MK368 3 pc. Sheet Set Solid 176 Royal w/Blue Truck embellished

MK35W Hugger (White Truck) w/White Back (fitted 2-corner comforter)

MK35 Hugger (Blue Truck) w/White Back (fitted 2-corner comforter)

MK31 Day Bed Comforter (finished size 52x99) (Styled like Twin)

MK30 Comforter w/Flange Edge (Styled like Crib Quilt)

Shams & Pillow Cases

MK45 Euro Style Sham (Specify White Truck , Blue Truck or Blue Check)

MK40 Flanged Sham (As Pictured) (White Truck w/Blue Check Flat Edge)

MK9 Pillow Case (Specify White Truck , Blue Truck or Blue Check)


MK41 Headboard Bolster w/Fill (As Pictured) (White Truck w/Blue Check Ties)

Decorative Throw Pillows

MK43- Throw Pillow w/Flange Edge (White Truck w/Check Flat Edge)(Specify Size)

Window Treatments

MK44 11 x 88" Straight Valance (1 header w/ 1.5 pocket) No Ruffle (Blue Truck)

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