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A Patch work quilt made in the style your grandmother used to make.


Infant & Toddler Bedding

FE7 Crib Canopy (Mini Floral w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FEYRD Yardage 45 Specify (Green Mini Toile)

FEYRD Yardage 54 Specify (Patchwork, Floral Stripe, Mini Floral or Hearts)

FE64 Musical Mobile w/ Heart Motif (Patch Canopy w/Floral Stripe Ruffle & Heart Pendants)

DY28 Wooden Handpainted Green Bow Lamp w/White Pleated Shade

FE63 Bunky Sheet Set (Fitted/Flat Solid 171 Light Blue & Standard Mini Floral Print Pillow Case)

FE15 Crib Bunky Fitted 2 Corner (appropriate for Toddler Bed) (Patch Reverse to White)

FE1 Crib Quilt approx. 41x51 (Patchwork reverse to Mini Floral w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE10 Diaper Stacker (Hearts w/Patch Body & Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE6 Crib Gathered Dust Ruffle (Hearts w/Red Mini Check Band)

FE5 Regular Bumper (4 Sided Bumper) (Patch Front reverse to Patch w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE4 Hollywood Bumper (As Pictured) (Patch Front reverse to Patch w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE3T Crib Print Top Sheet (Green Mini Toile)

FE3 Crib Print Fitted Sheet (Green Mini Toile)

FE2 Crib Pillow 12x16 (Mini Floral w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FESB Summer Blanket 44x54 (Patchwork Front w/White Flannel Back)

FE13 Balloon Wall Hanging (Set of 6 Print Balloons) (Patch and Hearts)

FERUG 39x58" Sculpted Nylon Rug Spring 2002

DY50 2 Peg Book Shelf (Green Bow)

Adult Bedding

FE39 Camelback Canopy w/Gathered Drop (Mini Floral w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE38 Daybed Gathered Dust Ruffle 13.5 unless otherwise specified

FE37 Gathered Dust Ruffle (Hearts w/Red Mini Check Band) 13.5

FE36 3 pc. Print Sheet Set (Green Mini Toile) (full, queen include 2 std. cases)

FE368 3 pc. Sheet Set Solid 171 Light Blue w/Mini Floral embellished

FE35 Hugger (Patch) w/White Back (fitted 2-corner comforter)

FE31 Day Bed Comforter (finished size 52x99) (Styled like Twin)

FE30 Comforter w/Ruffled Edge (Styled like Crib Quilt)

Shams & Pillow Cases

FE45 Euro Style Sham (Specify Patchwork, Mini Floral, or Floral Stripe)

FE40 Ruffled Sham (Mini Floral w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE40 Ruffled Sham (Patchwork w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE9 Pillow Case (Specify Mini Floral or Hearts)


FE41N Fancy Neck Roll w/Fill (Green Toile w/Stripe Ruffle and Red Mini Check Ties)

FE41 Fancy Headboard Bolster w/Fill (Patch and Green Toile w/Red Mini Check Ties)

Decorative Throw Pillows

FE53H Heart Pillow (Hearts w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

FE43- Throw Pillow w/Ruffled Edge (Specify Size)(Mini Floral w/Floral Stripe Ruffle)

Window Treatments

FE44 11 x 88" Balloon Valance w/3 Pocket (Patchwork)

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